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Baldati Madinati 15 new municipalities joined

Within the framework of “Accountability and Good Governance” Network supported by USAID aiming to improve transparency and access to information at the Municipal level in Lebanon and to strengthen the relation between citizens and municipalities by giving the citizen a direct accountability and monitoring tool to submit complains and suggestions to the municipalities officials on how to improve the municipal services, ArabiaGIS began the second stage of the project that involves new municipalities in Baldati – Madinati Platform www.openwebcity.com by creating municipal pages on the platform where the municipalities started working and adding content to their pages. Participating Municipalities: Akkar: Jourd al kayteh Union of Municipalities: Fnaydek Municipality, Mechmech Municipalit...

Workshop to engage opinion leaders and ‘gatekeepers’ / Saturday 22 September 2018

On Saturday, September 22, the first workshop was held in Hrar municipality hall, in presence of opinion leaders from the municipalities of Fnaideq, Meshmesh, Hrar and Qabait to present and discuss the « Baldati: An Open and Social Web City » project. More than 30 participants joined the workshop, such as school principals, association directors, and “Mokhtars”, as well as local activists. During the meeting, participants praised the platform and the step of the municipalities to participate in this platform and pointed on a large number of problems and difficulties facing the relationship between the municipal councils and citizens at the level of communication and stressed the almost complete absence of financial transparency due to the absence of a mechanism for sharing or publishing in...

Baldati Madinati – Phase Two

Within the framework of “Accountability and Good Governance” Network supported by USAID, and as part of a consortium with North LEDA, ArabiaGIS started the phase two of Baldati Madinati as part of a grant from Baladi CAP to improve transparency and access to information North Lebanon. The municipalities will be selected from three clusters “Union of Fayhaa – Tripoli”, “Union of Jurd Al-Qaytaa – Akkar” and “Cluster of Hadath Al-Jebbeh – Becharre” to establish an interactive forum where citizens and municipal institutions exchange information. The project aims at working with advocacy champions within local communities to advocate municipalities to publish municipal data on BALADI CAP supported “Baldati – Madinati” online Forum. Another objective is to allow citizens ...

Workshop to engage opinion leaders and ‘gatekeepers’ / 9th January 2018

In order to increase our reach in our mobilization and awareness workshops, we agreed to conduct a second workshop in Beirut on Tuesday January 9th at the Municipality of Sin el Fil with the opinion leaders that were not residing in Jezzine area for a better engagement with maximum number of supporters to our initiative. More than 20 opinion leaders and gatekeepers attended the workshop  such as priests, doctors, engineers, landowners, “Mokhtar”,

Workshop to engage opinion leaders and ‘gatekeepers’ / 14th December 2017

On Thursday December 14th, AGIS and SeD held the first workshop with opinion leaders from the five municipalities to present and discuss the « Baldati: An Open and Social Web City » project. Arround 30 attendees joined our workshop, such as bank managers, school principals, association directors, landowners, tradespeople, “Mokhtar”. Opinion leaders pointed out the lack of communication of their municipalities that reflected little transparency.

Workshop with the heads of the municipalities of Jezzine to meet their needs, concerns and aspirations

On Friday December 1st, Arabia GIS and SeD held a meeting with presidents of municipalities to present and discuss the « Baldati-My Town: An Open Web City » project, and got five memorandum of understanding signed and have seen different level of engagement from the municipalities. We get Jezzine, Bkessine, Roum, Qaytouli and Haytoura on board. It was a positive and constructive workshop.